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  • Achieve a perfectly-straight smile
  • Ensure future gum and tooth health
  • Chew foods without any difficulty
  • Fend off jaw bone erosion due to misalignment
  • Speak clearly & confidently.

Band & Bracket Braces Move Teeth Where They Need To Go

The demand for orthodontics amongst all ages continues to skyrocket. It’s one of the most sought-after treatments at FM Dentistry & Orthodontics, your dentist in Katy. Band and bracket braces are among our orthodontic options designed to improve the position of teeth and, in the process, enhance facial appearance and confidence.

Studies prove that kids are negatively impacted when their peers make fun of them because of their smiles. They can become fearful and awkward in social situations. Another key finding is that kids with spaces between their teeth or an increased overbite have a more challenging time socially and emotionally than their peers with perfectly straight teeth.